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A felt solar system is a great learning tool to get your children excited about astronomy and allows them to gain a greater appreciation for the universe.

This version of the felt solar system is without the 3-part cards. It's ideal for anyone who is only interested in the felt board itself or already has planet flashcards.

This listing includes:

1 | Felt board 45x60 cm (17.7x24 inches approx.)
2 | The Sun and 8 Planet felt pieces

 Our little corner of the universe is very unique in that it is the only one we know of in our limited exploration of the stars around us, which contains life.  Our neighboring planets are full of character and mystery.

Some are as desolate and dreary as a polar research station and others are so gigantic they make our little planet look like a grain of sand on the beach.


The orbits are sewn to give a 3D feeling.

If you're looking for some guidance on how to introduce this subject in a lesson or want some more ideas for related activities, we have comprehensive and helpful articles on our blog. Check out the links below:

***Please bear in mind that colors can vary slightly from the pictures depending on my supplier***