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If you're trying to teach your child to count or identify quantities then these felt numbers and dots are a fun and tactile alternative. On one side the mat has beige bases for learning number sequence and has enough space next to it for the dot matching exercise. Flip the mat over and the more advanced kids need to order the numbers themselves. 

Kids can make many different math activities out of this set. From number ordering to number matching, learning with felt toys is limitless. It's ideal for homeschooling or classroom use.

The felt mat is soft felt and has been sewn for making the boxes easy to work with. The numbers are rigid felt which is easier to handle for little fingers. All felt has been made in Spain.

Listing contains:

1 Mat: 30x35cm (11.8x13.8 inches)
2 sets of numbers and dots included, pouch included

**Please bear in mind that colors can vary slightly from the pictures depending on my supplier***