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Learning with a Montessori world map and landmark 3-part cards is an exciting way to get kids interested in geography and history. Knowing where their favorite monuments and ancient structures are located will get kids curious about the world and using these Montessori materials will help achieve that goal.

Give your child the chance to discover a new passion with this educational and entertaining felt toy.

This listing includes:

1 | 7 Felt continents
2 | 7 3-part laminated continent cards and control chart
3 | 40 3-part laminated cards for the landmarks of the world
4 | 7 color-coded pouches. Size: 10,5cm x 9,5cm (4.1inches x 3.7inches)
5 | 1 Felt board with bases - Measurements:
Small Map: 40x60 cm (16x24 inches)
Large Map: 62x90 cm (24,4x35,4 inches)

The cards are printed on 250gr. cardboard and laminated with 125 microns laminating pouches, the edges are rounded to protect children from being scratched.

Whole card - 7x9cm (2.7x3.5“)
Part card - 7x7cm (2.7x2.7”)
Label - 2x7cm (0.8x2.7”)

If you're looking for some guidance on how to introduce this subject in a lesson or want some more ideas for related activities, we have a comprehensive and helpful article on our blog. Check out the link below:

Landmarks included:

Tower of Pisa, Italy
Eiffel Tower, France
Sagrada Familia, Spain
Big Ben, England
Parthenon, Greece
Colosseum, Italy
Stonehenge, England
Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Russia

Statue of Liberty, The United States
Empire State Building, The United States
Mount Rushmore, The United States
Temple of Inscriptions, Mexico
Chichen Itza, Mexico
Golden Gate Bridge, The United States
Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal, Canada
CN Tower, Canada

Easter Island heads, Chile
Machu Pichu, Peru
Christ the Redeemer, Brazil
Cusco, Perú
Obelisco, Argentina
National Flag Memorial, Argentina

Taj Mahal, India
Buddha of Lantau, China
Great Wall of China
Petra Monastery, Jordan
Dome of the Rock, Israel
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Ephesus, Turkey

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt
Abu Simbel, Egypt
Language Monument, South Africa
Temple of Karnak, Egypt
The Sankore Madrasah, Mali

Harbour Bridge, Australia
Sydney Opera House, Australia
Australian War Memorial, Australia
The Shrine of Remembrance, Australia
Massey Memorial, New Zealand

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