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This set of carnivorous dinosaurs 3-part cards is going to make your kid go wild for dinos!  If you're looking for a fun and educational activity to deepen your child's dinosaur love of dinosaurs, these cards are perfect. They are classic Montessori cards in 3 parts and have a felt pouch for easy storage.

They were specially designed by renown paleo artist Sante Mazzei, who has worked on important projects such as the promotion of the Jurassic World film.

The set of 12 is based on the Safari Toobs of carnivorous dinos and includes:

Baryonyx, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Elasmosaurus, Kronosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, Spinosaurus, Dimetrodon, Pteranodon and a Velociraptor.

The cards are printed on 300gr. cardboard and laminated with 125 microns laminating pouches, the edges are rounded to protect children from being scratched.

Whole card - 9.5x12.5 cm (3.75x5”)
Part card - 9.5x10 cm (3.75x4”)
Label - 2.5x9.5 cm (1x3.75”)

**Figures are not included**