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This Montessori botany set is perfect for nature-loving kids. They can learn the parts of a tree, leaf, flower and the shapes of leaves. 3-part cards with a control card add an extra element of education and challenge to the set. 

This felt playmat is a great combination of learning and fine motor skills while being entertained! Learning about nature and all her wonderful things will inspire your kids to become more ecological. 

Included in the set:

1 | Parts of a tree (6): Roots, Trunk, Branches, Twigs, Leaves, and Crown
2 | Parts of a leaf (5): Leaf margin, Blade, Veins, Petiole and Stipule
3 | Parts of a flower (9): Petal, Anther, Filament, Stamens, Sepals, Pistil, Ovule, Receptacle and Stem
4 | Leaf shapes (20): Cordate, Deltoid, Obcordate, Cuneate, Acicular, Falcate, Acuminate, Ovate, Hastate, Lanceolate, Linear, Obovate, Lobed, Elliptical, Reniform, Palmate, Trifoliate, Orbicular, Digitate and Spatulate
5 | 1 control chart for each activity.
6 | 1 Felt Mat - 40x30cm

7 | 4 felt pouches

The felt is rigid yet soft and is 2mm thick. Game and felt are made in Spain.

The cards are printed on 250gr. cardboard and laminated with 125 microns laminating pouches, the edges are rounded to protect children from being scratched.

Whole card - 7x9cm (2.7x3.5“)
Part card - 7x7cm (2.7x2.7”)
Label - 2x7cm (0.8x2.7”)

If you're looking for some guidance on how to introduce this subject in a lesson or want some more ideas for related activities, we have a comprehensive and helpful article on our blog.
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***Please bear in mind that colors can vary slightly from the pictures depending on my supplier***