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This bundle of the phases of the moon and solar system felt play mats is for the astronomy loving kids!

The small felt solar system with Montessori 3-part cards is designed to learn the names of the planets and their order in the solar system. This is all made easy with the handmade felt planets, sun and mat.

Reinforce the learning with Montessori 3 part cards. These cards have real photos of the planets and allow your child to have a glimpse through the telescope.

The moon phases busy board has all the names printed on high definition glossy 3 part cards. It's loads of fun for a child to learn with this fun and educational activity. They can learn which side of the moon must be illuminated when it's waxing, or growing and which side lights up when it's waning, or reducing.

These sets include:

Moon phases-

1| 1 Felt mat, 45x31cm (18x12 inches)
2| 1 Earth and 1 sun felt piece
3| 8 moon phases felt pieces, 8cm (3 inches)
4| 8 3-part cards
5| 1 control chart
6| 1 pouch
7| 1 cloth bag for storage

The phases depicted in this game are from the northern hemisphere perspective.

Solar System Felt Board Set-

1 | Felt board 45x60 cm (17.7x24 inches approx.)
2 | The sun and 8 planets felt pieces
3 | 9 3-part cards of the planets and sun
4 | 1 Control card

The orbits are sewn to give a 3D feeling.

The cards are printed on 250gr. cardboard and laminated with 125 microns laminating pouches, the edges are rounded to protect children from being scratched.

Whole card - 7x9cm (2.7x3.5“)
Part card - 7x7cm (2.7x2.7”)
Label - 2x7cm (0.8x2.7”)

Whole card - 9.5x12.5 cm (3.75x5”)
Part card - 9.5x10 cm (3.75x4”)
Label - 2.5x9.5 cm (1x3.75”)

***Please bear in mind that colors can vary slightly from the pictures depending on my supplier***