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These felt strips, arches and circles can be arranged in a variety of manners. Your kids can make race circuit, cars, chains or anything your child's imagination takes them. They are a great fine motor skill activity for making chains and amazing mazes. They are a colorful felt material which is a fun textile which is soft to the touch.

The colors are bright and the felt is high-quality Spanish made and is a great birthday gift for the puzzle-loving child.

This set includes:

1 | 2 Large and 2 small arches of each color (with hook and loop)
2 | 2 small strips of each color (with hook and loop)
3 | 4 long strips of each color (2 with hook and loop, 2 with snap buttons)
4 | 3 circles, one of each color

***Please bear in mind that colors of the felt can vary slightly from the pictures depending on my supplier***