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A set of constellations 3-part cards is a wonderful resource for teaching your space-loving child about the stars and the pictures they form. It's the latest addition to our line of Montessori astronomy materials. 

The set of 3-part cards comes with a felt pouch.

It is handmade in with Spanish felt and is a wonderful birthday gift or homeschool learning material. 

The 16 constellations include:

Andromeda, Aquila, Auriga, Bootes, Canis Major, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Corona Borealis, Cygnus, Draco, Hercules, Lyra, Orion, Perseus, Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor 

The cards are printed on 300gr. cardboard and laminated with 125 microns laminating pouches, the edges are rounded to protect children from being scratched.

Whole card - 9.5x12.5 cm (3.75x5”)
Part card - 9.5x10 cm (3.75x4”)
Label - 2.5x9.5 cm (1x3.75”)

Getting our kids curious about science at an early age is the greatest hope we have of creating future scientists and, who knows, maybe even the next Einstein!